Sage Buyers is a privately held company founded in 2019 in Uganda. We are a retail service provider for Apple products in Uganda, offering the latest and genuine options and services to a fast-growing market. We are your onestop-shop to find everything you need, from MacBooks to iPads and iPhones. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding the solution that works best for your business and personal needs.

We are one of the most popular resellers of Apple products in Uganda – due to our affordable prices, product quality
and fast delivery. We believe in maintaining a trusting relationship with our customers and help them lead a safe and
happy digital life.

An iPhone for Every Ugandan

To deliver authentic apple products with affordable and accessible added value elements to clients in Uganda through flexible and quality service

1.      OUR VALUES

  • Customer-first: In whatever we do – throughout every customer’s journey, we put the unique needs of every customer at the centre of service delivery. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get the most value based on their specific context and circumstances.
  • Flexibility and Speed: We believe that our clients deserve to get the latest, authentic products as and when they become available. We commit to deliver products and services to our clients within the shortest period
  • Trust: We believe that our business is based on trust and commit to providing the right guidance to our clients through the entire product selection process. For our existing clients, we are committed to responding to their service requests in a timely, efficient and effective


  • To provide affordable and reliable Apple products to clients in Uganda
  • To improve the customer experience for using, engaging with and getting the best value of their Apple products
  • To improve public knowledge about the relevance of Apple products in facilitating better digital