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Apple Launches iPad 2024 With Big Price Cuts

It was just a rumor when we told you that Apple would be releasing the formidable Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024, but as of Tuesday May 7th, 2024, these versions are already out. 

We should remember that the new iPad models are the first Apple has released since October 2022, marking the longest stretch between updates since the device launched in 2011.

Apple’s special event turned out to be the biggest change to the iPad line-up ever to be contained in one day. It brought four new iPads, saw one model discontinued and one with a hefty price drop. And there was the introduction of a next-gen processor, the M4, debuting on the iPad Pro instead of the Mac.

“This is the biggest day for iPad since its introduction,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a short video posted on the company’s website. 

In a keynote running around 40 minutes, Apple announced a completely different line-up to its iPad range. Only one tablet, the iPad mini, was left untouched.

The ninth-generation iPad was the last to feature Touch ID on the front glass. It was retired on Tuesday. The 10th-generation model, when it launched in fall 2022, was noticeably higher priced. Today, that price dropped by $100 (about 387,000/=), down to $349 (about 1,319,000/=), a pretty compelling price for a full-screen tablet with a 10.9-inch display.

However, even the price in Uganda will be accommodative to all iPad fanatics as the prices are just friendly.

So to say, the new iPad Air comes with a slightly bigger screen than before, 11 inches, and adds a second screen size, 13 inches, which has never been seen before. The previous Air had the Apple M1 chip on board, and that’s been bumped up to M2—the same processor that powers the latest iMac.

Apple said the iPad Air will come in two sizes: an 11-inch option that matches older models and a larger 13-inch model. Both are equipped with Apple’s M2 chip. The smaller iPad costs $599  (about 2,265,000/=) for 128GB of storage, and the larger iPad starts at $799 (about 3,000,000/=).

But not only is the new device faster, with a slightly bigger screen, it also doubles the entry storage level from 64GB to 128GB.

iPad Pro Specs;

The new iPad Pro comes in two sizes, 11-inch and 13-inch. Both offer a new, sleek design that’s remarkably thin (5.3mm and 5.1mm thick, respectively). The iPad Pro is not just the thinnest-ever iPad, but the thinnest Apple product ever. It’s thinner than the iPod nano.

Both come with OLED screens, and not just OLED but what’s called Tandem OLED which uses two displays in one to offer greater brightness.

The new keyboard accessory comes in two sizes ($299[about 1,130,000/=] and $349[about 1,319,000]), but for the iPad Pro only. It offers a keyboard much closer to the outstanding experience found on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

And the new Apple Pencil Pro ($129[about 487,000/=) includes, as predicted, a new squeeze function and a rolling feature to change the orientation of the brush stroke.

The smaller iPad Pro starts at $999 (about 3,770,000/-), and the larger 13-inch model starts at $1,299 (about 4,900,000/=) with 256GB of storage, a slight price increase from its predecessor.

All the new products go on sale next week and you could grab yours by browsing our website.