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By Stanley Ssempijja The 2024 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference  (WWDC) arguably the most fascinating Apple event, not because of the dramatic intro but also because of the groundbreaking ‘androidy features “ announced took place last week and we saw the unleashing of the iOS 18 that left very many people […]

As the world eagerly anticipates the next iteration of Apple’s iconic iPhone series, rumors and speculations are already swirling about the potential features and upgrades that the upcoming iPhone 16 could bring. With the expected launch just around the corner, perhaps September as it is Apple’s trend to launch a […]

After weeks cooking and marinating everybody to join the #SageMothersDay giveaway, we are delighted to announce that not only is the wait over, we have ourselves a winner too.  During the whole campaign, we received a multitude of submissions and this left our hearts melting as people sent in memories […]

For any iOS fanatic, this is going to be an exciting year by far as Apple plans to add major updates to the iPhone 16 that’s expected to be rolled out sometime this year and you will be able to get yours from our store. The next iPhone is rumored […]

It was just a rumor when we told you that Apple would be releasing the formidable Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024, but as of Tuesday May 7th, 2024, these versions are already out.  We should remember that the new iPad models are the first Apple has released since […]

 Keeping up to speed with what’s happening all over the world and even in Uganda itself is becoming quite hectic and overwhelming lately because a lot is happening at the same time. However, that could change today – Apple devices have apps to keep you updated. These apps provide users […]

Over the past few years, we have given away over 15M in goodies to a number of people in Uganda with our goal ‘an iPhone for every Ugandan’ in mind. Today, we throw back to the numerous giveaways and blessings we have shared with our amazing customers and Apple fanatics. […]

With very many months to go until the launch of the iPhone 16, there have been a few leaks of the dummy units and these units simply give off some iPhone X vibes.  After a few years of duplicity in the iPhone world, the iPhone 16 series appears destined to […]

Sage Buyers together with Next Radio are offering you a chance to gift your mother with the magnificent iPhone 15 as a way of saying thank you to her for all the memories and love you have shared. We believe that mothers are very invaluable and at the core of […]

Apple recently announced that it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) online from Monday, June 10 to Friday, June 14, 2024.  Free for all developers and Ugandan tech enthusiasts, WWDC24 will spotlight the latest iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS advancements.  As part of Apple’s ongoing commitment […]