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Don’t be Left Out! 5 Apps to Keep you Updated on Current Events

 Keeping up to speed with what’s happening all over the world and even in Uganda itself is becoming quite hectic and overwhelming lately because a lot is happening at the same time.

However, that could change today – Apple devices have apps to keep you updated. These apps provide users with the latest news, information, and updates on various topics such as news, weather, sports, and more. These apps basically help users stay informed and up-to-date on current events and trends.

Let’s dive right into getting to know which apps are a must have on your iOS device;

How Feedly looks like


This is one of the best news curation apps out there and it’s a must have on your iOS device because the mobile app offers a selection of broad segments such as tech, politics and science, among others, each populated by trusted outlets that you can quickly add to your news sourcing feed.

Although Feedly is an RSS reader, you can create multiple feeds, each tailored to your taste and utility. Then there are customization options, which let you pick between page and banner styles for scrolling past news lists, complete with an auto-mark function for opened stories. 

That’s gotta be cool!

Apple News

Apple News is a news app that provides users with personalized news and articles from various sources. This is an aggregator app developed by Apple Inc., for its iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS operating systems. The beauty with Apple News is that is gives you the ability to;

  • Access top stories from over 400 leading publications.
  • Get the latest news from local, national, and international titles.
  • Solve daily puzzles created exclusively for Apple News+.
  • Listen to the week’s best articles with Apple News+ audio stories.
  • Share your subscription with your family for free.

Here, you get to explore an incredibly diverse and wide range of global publications in just one app. Expert editors surface the most compelling, must-read articles in Top Stories, Spotlight, and other collections. Vivid photography and animation, rich videos, and immersive layouts bring each story to life in striking detail. And you can even download issues to read offline.

The Weather Channel. Google Image

The Weather Channel

 This is quite self explanatory as it is just an app that provides users with real-time weather updates, forecasts, and alerts. 

However, the new design is loaded with insights and features that connect the dots between wellness and weather:

  • Help protect your skin health
  • Monitor air quality and breathing conditions
  • Track pollen, manage your allergies
  • Prepare for flu season

Plus, now the app can also be personalized to;

  • Prioritize the weather data most helpful to you
  • Save and name all your favorite locations
  • See more editorial content that inspires you

With this app, you won’t get soaked wet around Kyadi and neither will you need a sweater on a perfectly Ugandan day.


Are you a Sports fanatic?? This one’s for you – ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an app that provides users with the latest sports news, scores, and updates on their favorite teams.

Get to watch thousands of live events and shows from the ESPN networks plus get scores, on-demand news, highlights, and expert analysis. Subscribe to the ESPN+ streaming service for live sports, exclusive originals, premium articles, fantasy tools, and more.


There’s no way in hell we would leave Twitter/X out of this equation. Twitter/X is simply a social media app that provides users with real-time updates and news from people and sources they follow.

The beauty with Twitter is that everything happens in real-time giving the user a front row seat to celebrity drama, couple fights, interesting conversations on Spaces,  public holiday announcements, and our awesome promos.

With these apps, we guarantee that you won’t miss out on anything be it Charles Leclerc winning podium or your best friend winning his/her mum the iPhone 15 this Mothers Day.