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Mother’s Day Giveaway: Bwana Derrick Sqoops an iPhone 15 For His Mother 

After weeks cooking and marinating everybody to join the #SageMothersDay giveaway, we are delighted to announce that not only is the wait over, we have ourselves a winner too. 

Our finalists

During the whole campaign, we received a multitude of submissions and this left our hearts melting as people sent in memories that we shall also forever cherish. We however came down to five finalists and after over 12,000 votes placed, we announced a winner. 

On Tuesday May 14th, two days shy after Mother’s Day, we crowned Batte Derrick with 678 votes as the winner of the #SageMothersDay giveaway and he indeed walked away with the all mighty, beautiful and magnificent beast, the iPhone 15 for his Mother. 

Derrick and his mother having an ‘iPhonic’ moment

Our dream, ‘An iPhone for every Ugandan’ is slowly but steadily moving to fruition. And just like our Team Leader Stanley Ssempijja always says “Sage Buyers is about much more than just iPhones – it’s a brand that makes a real difference in people’s lives.”

In an interview on Next Radio’s #NextTranzit, Derrick reminisced on the old times and ‘kiboko’ he received as a child. 

“I never knew that mummy’s strokes would one day get me here. This surely shows that what she did was indeed right. Spare the rod & spoil the child somehow worked in magical ways,” he said.

Nothing feels better than being a winner

In a special way, we thank Next Radio for standing with us as we sought to celebrate Mother by giving away an iPhone 15 as a way of saying thank you to our Mothers for all the memories and love we have shared.

Our ideology and belief is that mothers are very invaluable and at the core of everyone’s being; without them we can’t exist so if everyone deserves an iPhone then mothers deserve them even more.

Kudos, bwana Derrick, you and your mother deserved it. 

‘Till another giveaway, stay hooked on our Social Media Platforms, and keep shopping with us, either through our website or at our Shop.