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Out With Another Amazing Offer!!! You Could Win The iPhone 12 Pro Max Anytime Now

The giving season is not yet closed and at Sage Buyers we are yet to offer one of our fans or customer an amazingly fabulous offer of being the winner of the magnificent iPhone 12 Pro.

The process of being in the race to win the much revered iPhone 12 Pro Max is a seamless one that anyone can be part of.

Put in mind that the iPhone 12 and the Pro Max benchmark the same, running the same software, have the same-sized batteries, the same charging, the same (very good) networking capabilities and call quality – so, get creative.

How to Join The Race

  • First, show us some love by following us on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Now, this is where it gets interesting. 
  • Share with us a 1-minute CLEAR video talking about the iPhone 12 Pro Max and what you love about its specifications.
  • In the Video convince us to give you the 12 Pro Max.
  • Post the video on Twitter or Instagram – Hell!! Even on both platforms between now and October.
  • Tag us using the hashtag #SageNovember.
  • And as usual – we are free and fair. The video with the most engagement shall win the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

We would give you a few pointers, but that would be cheating, innit? Now show us how much you know about your favorite gadgets and let’s get rolling.