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Payment by Installment – Grab Yourself Your Favorite iPhone From Our Store And Pay Process by Process

We perfectly understand that times are quite tough lately, but we have a solution to enable you to purchase your fave iPhone from our store without worrying too much about what is left in your pockets/wallet – a process by process means of payment.

We are now introducing installment payment for iPhones where anyone can pay slowly by slowly until they fully own their iPhone. With our payment by installment means, we are giving our customers the option of paying for products in several parts. We believe that this payment option is very suitable for such tough times.

So, do you have an iPhone that you can’t take your eyes off? Do you want to give a gift to bae this Month? Is it about an iPhone you are really dying to own? You really would love to own and use it but you can’t ’cause…financial constraints. That problem will now become an issue of the past.

With our installment payment option, all payments MUST be completed within up to 10 months from the commencement of purchase.

Here’s how;